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Clara Silveira (1990) is a Brazilian contemporary artist and professional Tango dancer with a nomadic background. Within her artistic practice, she draws inspiration from intimate recollections, weaving them into evocative narratives across diverse media. Through collaborations with multiple artists and active engagement with the local community, she fosters a dialogue between personal and collective memories, in a never-ending conversation.


Currently residing in Brazil, Clara has directed and performed in numerous independent art projects and dance film productions, earning recognition at national and international festivals such as the ScreenDance Festival at the Dansmuseet (Sweden) (2023), New York – Buenos Aires Dance Fest (2023), and receiving an Honorable Mention at REDIV Cámara Corporizada (Iberoamerican Festival) in 2021 (Argentina). She also received the Aldir Blanc Prize (Brazil), securing subsidies for the projects "Chororô" and "EXIT"; a social initiative in collaboration with Centro Cultural Escrava Anastacia, aimed at supporting young people in socially vulnerable contexts.


In 2023, she participated in the Viafarini-in-Residence program (Milan, Italy), initiating the series of paintings "I Looked Away", exploring the relationships between archive, memory, and trauma. Presently, Clara is engaged in the virtual residency program GlogauAIR (Berlin, Germany), where she continues to develop the project through the installation "Dinner Table".

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